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2005-2006 Work Samples
Certified technicians, prepping for demo.
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The Leaning Chimney of Sea Girt...

Notice the lean of this large, badly damaged chimney (as pointed out in the image to the left, using the
green guidelines).  Click here to see more.

Does your chimney have similar problems?  Call or e-mail us right away!

This mess was preventing proper ventilation and making the customer feel sick.
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Clogged Flue Leads to Flu-like Symptoms

This customer's hot water heater was back-venting carbon monoxide into her house because of the clog (very dangerous!).  Click here to see more.

More info?  Click here to read about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Certified's mason working hard to rebuild this chimney.
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Leaking Chimney Needs a Rebuild

This structure in Monmouth County is torn down to attic level, then rebuilt.  Complete with new flashing.
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Is your chimney cracking or leaking?  Click here for an inspection.

Subfloor installed; ready for the new firebox.
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Factory-Built Fireplace Replacement

Our technicians relieved a homeowner of an old problematic fireplace and built a brand new one.
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Time for a new fireplaceClick here to contact Certified Craftsmen!

The old masonry chimney was removed down to the attic level and a new Class 'A' chimney was installed.  Complete with a new liner system.
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Class 'A' Chimney Install

Replacement of deteriorated heating flue and chimney.  For more details, Click here.

Is your chimney deteriorating?  Click here to schedule an inspection.

Removal of the old factory-built fireplace began from the rear.
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A Chimney Fire-Damaged Unit

Many fire hazards were found at this house in Ocean County, where we replaced the entire system.
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